RV Trips to Escape the Winter Cold

While many RVer’s opt to close down and store their rigs for the colder months, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a winter RV trip! Find a way to escape the cold in the comfort of an RV with these great wintertime hot spots!


Phoenix, AZ

arizonaEveryone knows of Arizona as being an arid and dry desert, but the state actually has quite a diverse landscape to it! Featuring multiple National Parks and historic museums, Winter temps in southern AZ rarely reach below freezing! A common visiting area for RVers, there are plenty of RV Campgrounds near National Parks and attractions, and plenty more places perfect for a weekend boondocking trip. Looking for something other than the desert? Head to northern Arizona! One secluded spot sure to inspire is Sedona. Cooler temps, quant museums, plenty of hiking trails and the Coconino National Forest offer plenty of activities for your winter retreat!


houston space cneterHouston, TX

Houston may not be known as an RVers go-to location, but make sure to add it your autumn or winter itinerary! With numerous RV parks and campgrounds just outside Houston, you have plenty of options for heading out and exploring nearby areas like the vacation hot spot Galveston Island National Seashore, or head in to town and check out the Space Center Houston (Houston, we have a problem on deciding what to do first!).


Miami, FL

Florida AirboatA hot spot for Spring Breakers, Miami also sports warm weather and tempered climates perfect for a winter retreat! Relax on the beach, take an airboat tour, or even take some sailing lessons! If watersports aren’t your interest, there is plenty more to do closer inland. Head to the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens or start and adventure at the Safari Edventure park! Whatever you choose to fill your time doing, you will always be able to enjoy the warm and sunny Florida weather!



Draft up your itineraries now, and start the new year with a trip to warmer weather! Don’t own an RV, but like the idea of traveling in one? Head over to our search page and find an available listing near you!

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