Take an RV to the Cactus League Spring Training

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Baseball GloveStarting February 26th the Cactus League Spring Training draws visitors from all over the country. Eleven Arizona stadiums host fifteen major league baseball teams including the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, and Milwaukee Brewers. If you’re a baseball fan looking for an affordable and convenient way to experience spring training, an RV just might be the answer.


Riding in an RV is much more comfortable than an airline seat or driving in a small-sized vehicle. Your luggage won’t get lost, you get to sleep on your own bed linens, you don’t have to worry about dirty rest stop bathrooms, nap time can be anytime, and snacks and meals are literally on the go.


You have the option to change plans and head to a different stadium at a moment’s notice. You can also decide to check out the Grand Canyon, hike in the Sonoran Desert, or visit Tombstone. Class CArizona has a lot to offer and if you travel with an RV you can easily turn your trip into a fun mix of spring training and sightseeing.


While hotel rooms can cost $150 or more per night, campsite fees can be $45 or less per night especially if you book per week or month. Cooking meals in your RV can also be a huge money-saver.


Amenities like a pool, game room, exercise facilities etc. are common at most RV parks, but during spring training many major parks bring in nationally recognized musical performers to keep their guests entertained. Enjoy a baseball game during the day and come “home” to some live music? Sounds like a great idea to us! To find a campground visit CampingRoadTrip.com.

Whether you’re an avid baseball fan that wants to get closer to the players or just looking for a unique vacation that offers fun for the whole family, taking an RV to the Cactus League Spring Training is sure to be a memorable one.