Ten Reasons to Take an RV on Your Next Family Vacation

There are countless reasons to plan an RV trip for your next family getaway, but we have picked the top 10 which we share below:


10. Get Back to Nature

There is no better way to see the country than with an RV. With so many sights to be seen around the United States you will be able to see those places you often fly right over and perhaps you’ll discover your new favorite vacation spot. You can visit a number of state and national parks and get a front seat look at popular landmarks while still having access to modern conveniences.

9. Getting there is only half the fun!

With an RV you have the flexibility to take side trips to see unique sights such as the World’s Largest Yo-Yo in Chico, California. This is a great way to keep children excited especially if you let them choose the next attraction to explore.

8. RV Vacations are Pet Friendlydogcamping

Our pets are part of our family and many families prefer to bring their pet along when they go on vacation. Pets love to join their owners on a trip where they can experience new adventures side-by-side with their best friend. Pet-friendly RV parks can be found all over the US to accommodate this need.

7. An Affordable Vacation for a Family on a Budget

The total cost of a family RV Vacation is typically much less than the combined cost of airfare and hotel room costs. While hotel rooms can cost $80 or more per night, campsite fees can be $30 or less per night especially if you book per week or month. Cooking meals can also be a huge money-saver.

6. Children Love RV Vacations

The kids can enjoy campground activities ranging from scavenger hunts to guided nature hikes, play out in nature and meet new friends. People of all ages enjoy a story by the campfire, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, song singing, and stargazing. For kids that are accustomed to the city life, an RV is a great way for them to have a piece of the city with them and the country as their backyard.

5. Comfort

Riding in an RV is much more comfortable than an airline seat or driving in a small-sized vehicle. Your luggage arrives when you do, you get to sleep on your own clean bed linens, you have no lines for the restroom, nap time can be anytime, and snacks and meals are literally on the go. RV Vacations also give you the best of both worlds allowing you to get in touch with nature, but still have a hot shower and warm bed at night.

blogcamping14. Quality Time Together as a Family

An RV vacation brings families together and is a great way to reconnect. You and your family will step away from the regular routine to enjoy a simpler lifestyle. After a full day of reconnecting with nature you can comfortably play games at the kitchen table or make popcorn and watch a movie for a relaxing evening.

3. Experience a New Way of Living

Experience a new lifestyle and make new friends on your family RV vacation, without missing the conveniences of home. Many RV campgrounds also offer wireless internet access for campers who like to stay connected.

2. Flexibility

You have the option to change locations whenever you get tired of the scenery and go virtually anywhere you want.  If you want to visit many different places, an RV offers the freedom and spontaneity to do it all. An RV allows you to create your own adventures, meet new friends and see the splendors of our beautiful country. Go at your own pace for weeks at a time, take a mini vacation, a weekend trip, or go tailgating – it’s your choice!

1. Owning an RV is Not a Requirement – Rent Instead

Renting an RV is easy. You no longer need to deliberate about the long time investment of acquiring your own RV and for many people renting is the best option. A family RV vacation is a great way to enter into the world of RV traveling, so why not give it a go?